Apental Cale Apk Latest version 2020

Apental calc apk                                       Version: 1.02.0021.48

This app is mostly used by hacker to get more like on the social media platform.

This Application is Hack version of facebook to get auto like.

About Apk;
Downloads:  10M+
Owner: Unknown
Release Date: 21 May 2018
Rating by google:4.1*

Description of Facebook Auto Like Hack APk,

1. It is a social media facebook hack apk.
2. Which is developed by Unknown Hacker.
3. In this platform we can Hack Many like And comment.
4. We can also share our memory like photos, videos, etc.
5. This platform is used by mostly adult person to get many like by this apk.
6. This is the first apk which success fully hack facebook apk.
7. You can get Thousand of like in one second with help of @Apental_alc_Apk.

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How To Use,

1.  Download the hack application.
2. After downloading install the app in you android phone.
3. Login with  Real facebook Account.
4. It is safe application  it safe your data.
5. After login, pick pu the photo and video which is upload on your account.
6. And then click like app 3-5 time to get hundred of like in few second.
7. Go to your Original Facebook Account  and refresh it.
8. You can see that many like are obtain buy this hack application 

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